Five Tips to Prepare For A Carpet Cleaning Appointment

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While going-online and finding out ways to clean certain upholstery products couldn’t be easier, the same cannot be said for the skills, equipment, and most importantly, the hard work the project dictates. Carpet and upholstery cleaning is a specialized service that requires training and job-specific equipment to effectively and efficiently accomplish its purpose. 

If this is the first time you have sought a carpet cleaning company’s services, Klean DryZ has put together this list of five tips to prepare for a carpet cleaning appointment.  

Tip #1: Clear the driveway
Most competent carpet cleaning operations have service vehicles that sometimes transport heavy equipment to your residence. Clearing your driveway of your cars allows easy access to your home by way of a foldout ramp making our job considerably more straightforward. In the winter, it is also smart to clear your driveway of snow and ice, as putting down salt or sand results in us tracking mud indoors and is sure to complicate the cleaning process. 

Tip #2 Clear debris on stairs and doorways to remove tripping hazards
Taking the time to remove tripping hazards and decluttering doorways and access points will be highly appreciated as it shows you care about the safety of the carpet cleaning crew. Additionally, clearing the area of unnecessary furniture allows for ease of movement of both personnel and equipment, ensuring your carpet cleaning project runs like clockwork. 

Tip #3: All pets and children should be safely out of the way
As mentioned earlier, the cleaning of upholstery and carpets necessitates heavy equipment to get the job done. Cleaning equipment can be upsetting for your pets, and more seriously, a danger to small children and animals. Taking the precaution to make sure your pet and children are safely out of the way before the cleaning team arrives ensures they are safe and happy. 

Tip #4: Remove all personal items and valuables, double-check
Even small things can have sentimental value, and it is wise to temporarily relocate your personal and delicate items from the furniture that may be moved or need cleaning. Safely storing items like lamps, figurines, statues, or picture frames that could be accidentally damaged and possibly double-checking to make sure you’ve not overlooked anything is a precaution you won’t regret taking. 

Tip #5: Be prepared. Carpet cleaners are on a schedule
As with any other business, time is money. Preparing for your carpet cleaner’s arrival will ensure they can complete the agreed-upon task without unforeseen issues cropping up and stay on schedule. Ensuring the furniture or upholstery that needs cleaning is cleared and prepped allows the carpet cleaning company to finish the job in the promised timeframe while never compromising quality. 

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