Two Common Mistakes People Make When Spot Cleaning Carpets

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A carpet in your house or office space can offer a high level of comfort as well as improve the beauty of your room. It is an expensive item and also the most used one as it’s walked on all day. While your carpet may not require the regular cleaning that other types of flooring demand, your carpet should be cleaned once every year at least. Ideally, this should be done professionally as it has a number of advantages. If you do not have the knowledge and expertise about carpet cleaning techniques, you will most definitely end up making a mistake, thus reducing the life of your expensive carpet. To help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Klean DryZ has put together a list of the two most common mistakes people make when spot cleaning carpets. 

1. Doing it themselves 

The most common mistake customers make when doing spot removing is doing it themselves. They take to the internet and find DIY solutions such as using white wine to remove red wine stains. Once you have attempted to use a DIY solution and it doesn’t work, you have basically locked in the stain, making it harder to get rid of. The best thing you can do after that is to absorb up whatever you can and immediately seek professional help. When disaster strikes, your best bet is to actually hire a professional who will use the right kind of cleaner for your carpet, get the job done right and will avoid quicker decays to your carpet. 

2. Using laundry soap or dish soap other household cleaners

The other common mistake people make is using a laundry detergent or dish soap type spot removal product. Caring for your clothes and utensils is different from caring for your carpet. Using such household cleaning products can lead to a build-up of soapy residue on your carpet, which can be impossible to clean out. Added to that, different carpets require different kinds of cleaning products and solutions. In order to fall into the trap of using an inappropriate spot removal product for your carpet at least try to follow the instructions on the label, or even better, call a professional to do it for you. 

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Klean DryZ. Fast and environmentally friendly, our hot carbonated cleaning uses one-fifth of the water used in traditional methods. If you have dull, dingy-looking carpets or furniture, Klean DryZ cleans and dries them quickly, so you can entertain your guests with pride that evening.

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