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Having a pet is a wonderful experience overall, but it can get a little messy, especially in the initial years while potty training them. If you have carpet floors, dealing with potty accidents can be challenging as these stains are difficult to remove. As a residential cleaning company, this is a frequent complaint we get from our clients with pets. To help them overcome this issue, our experts at Klean DryZ have introduced pet urine treatments.

These treatments do not mask the smell of urine as most cleaning service providers do. Our treatments remove all of the urine cells. This eliminates the odor and lightens stains significantly.

Our pet urine clean-ups can be used in any situation, be it a stain or odor from a urine mishap. Our treatments work on furniture, mattresses, carpets, woolen material, silks, and more. Additionally, all of the treatments we provide for this requirement are cost-effective, and our prices are determined based on the size of the area that needs cleaning. For effective results, the treatment must be performed by a trained technician to ensure positive results.

If you’d like more details about our cleaning services, please contact us at (705) 649-5444. Klean DryZ specializes in residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Our cleaning services are fast and environmentally friendly. We use hot carbonated cleaning techniques that use one-fifth of the water of traditional methods. This helps us reduce cleaning time, too, as this approach is quick and convenient. It also helps us liven up dull and dirty carpets and furniture.

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