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Carpets and upholstery that look dull and dusty may prevent you from inviting guests to your home, or worse, they could be making you sick. Therefore, it’s essential to regularly carry out proper cleaning to maintain these furnishing items.

At Klean DryZ, we use fast and environmentally friendly cleaning products for residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. We use hot carbonated cleaning, which is a specialty service that uses one-fifth the water of traditional cleaning methods. It ensures carpets are cleaned and dried quickly, and there is no sticky residue left behind.

We use this magical product for deep carpet cleaning, stain removal, carpet protection, cotton, wool, silk cleaning, and any upholstery material cleaning. We also offer pet urine removal treatment for clients. Read on to learn more about the primary services we provide.

Our Services

1. Carpet cleaning
Our quiet and portable equipment gets the job done efficiently, and it’s a nontoxic process, so it’s safe for children and pets. There is also minimal moisture which means most carpets dry within one to two hours, and there is no need to open windows and doors.

2. Area rug cleaning
Famous handwoven and sculptured designer rugs, including Oriental, Persian, Chinese, and Egyptian styles, require more care when being cleaned. We extend the life of antique rugs by identifying fibers and adjusting our superior cleaning techniques accordingly.

3. Upholstery cleaning
We heal the cracks in leather upholstery caused by dryness, scratches, and scuffs. Our safe and effective cleaning method also removes oils and grease, airborne dirt and dust, common soils, dyes, and inks, enabling the leather to age gracefully.

4. Mattress cleaning
We also have natural solutions that take care of dust mites, bacteria, and viruses in old and new mattresses. This ensures a peaceful night’s sleep for families and improves the health of people suffering from asthma, hay fever, or allergies.

Added value processes

a. No color run or shrinkage
Our hot carbonated cleaning service ensures fast-drying, thereby avoiding color bleeding and protects the pile. It also prolongs the beauty of carpets and furniture.

b. Longer lasting cleaning
Due to the quick-drying properties of our product, no soapy film is left behind. It means no new dirt is attracted, and it also prevents mold and mildew from forming.

c. Quick dry time
As our efficient team completes cleaning processes up to fifty percent quicker than most cleaning systems, it won’t disrupt your whole day at home or your workflow in the office.

For more details about our carpet and upholstery cleaning services, reach out to Klean DryZ. We always strive for excellence when cleaning our clients’ homes and businesses. We serve clients across Sault Ste. Marie, Searchmont, Ranger Lake, Batchawana Bay, Montreal River Harbour, and Agawa Bay. We also cover Pineal Lake, Chapleau, Nemegos, Kormak, Sultan, Ramsey, Elliot Lake, Bruce Mines, Blind River, to name a few places.

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