Your Pre-Carpet Or Furniture Cleaning Checklist!

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At Klean DryZ, we understand that keeping your carpet and furniture clean can be quite a challenge. So to reduce the strain of this cleaning job, we can have your carpet and upholstery cleaned professionally in no time. However, we will need a couple of simple preparations to be done by you to ensure that our cleaning process goes smoothly and quickly.

As experts in the cleaning industry, we’ve created a handy checklist to keep your space ready with as little stress as possible. Follow our list to prepare your home on the day of your carpet or furniture cleaning so that we can focus our efforts on giving you the best cleaning experience possible.

1. Remove all small items from the work area and path to it
To ensure our cleaning experts can work efficiently, remove all loose items from the furniture or carpet, including ottomans, small tables, personal items, toys, books, etc. Clearing such items will let the technicians do a better job for you.

2. The driveway should be emptied to allow our van to be parked
Make sure your driveway is free and clear of other vehicles allowing our cleaning technicians to park the cleaning van close by. This will also help our technicians to get in their equipment into your home conveniently.

3. All tripping hazards should be removed, including snow in the driveway
Another reason you need to keep your driveway clean is to avoid slipping and tripping is due to snow in the winter months. Ensure your driveway and walkways are clear for the safety of our cleaning specialist and equipment.

4. Remove all surface pet hair from furniture or carpet
Get rid of any pet hair from the furniture or carpet. It will make the cleaning job more manageable.

5. Be home and ready for the appointment time slot
Make sure to be home before the cleaning crew arrives. This will help prevent any miscommunication between you and our cleaners.

6. Check what method of payment to use
We accept payment through different methods. But, it’s always good to ask which methods we support, that is, personal checks, cash, or any credit card. This will allow you to be clear with the team about the payment method.

7. Small children and pets should be secured for their safety
Find a good spot for your children and pets so they’re safe and secure while the cleaning technicians clean your home.

If you have any concerns about cleaning your space or need help to care for your carpet or furniture, reach out to the cleaning experts at Klean DryZ. We are a residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning company in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. We provide excellent cleaning services for oriental and area rugs, high-end wool and cotton blend fabrics, specialty spot removal, pet urine removal treatment, mattresses, and leather furniture.

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