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While you may think that all steam cleaning treatments render the same results, this isn’t true. Hot carbonated cleaning is more effective than dry cleaning because it washes carpets and removes more dirt. If you have a carpet that needs a deep clean, you may want to consider having a hot carbonated treatment. Like regular steam clean, this method washes your carpet. Moreover, you will see better results from a carbonated solution.

To learn more about the benefits of hot carbonated cleaning, the experts at Klean DryZ have written a few pointers that emphasize why you should get your carpets and upholstery cleaned with the hot carbonated cleaning method we offer.

Hot carbonating extraction cleaning uses hot water to extract dirt from your carpets but takes a different approach. Think of it as using soda water on a much larger scale. Rather than soaking your carpets, carbonating cleaning uses a superheated, low-moisture process to clean your carpet with millions of microscopic bubbles. When the carbonation releases, these bubbles explode dirt from deep within your carpet fibers, lifting it up and out of the carpet.

High-powered equipment is used to extract all the dirt and moisture from the carpet. This method of carpet cleaning also uses much less water, and there is no color loss or shrinking. It is a green-friendly cleaning option, and it allows carpets to fry quickly and ensures no soapy residue is left behind to attract new dirt.

Hot carbonated cleaning only cleans the material that needs cleaning and doesn’t penetrate into the backing of carpets. This prevents it from rotting out the material and increases its life. Hot carbonated cleaning simultaneously reduces the risk of mold and bacterial growth. With this method, your carpet dries in two to three hours, and upholstery usually takes around five to six hours.

If you are looking for residential or commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, reach out to Klean DryZ. With over fourteen years of experience, we are bonded, insured and are committed to providing high-end carpet and rug cleaning for residential and commercial clients. Fast and environmentally friendly, our hot carbonated cleaning method uses one-fifth the water of traditional methods. If you have dull, dingy-looking carpets or furniture, our cleaners will clean and restore them quickly, so you can entertain your guests with pride that evening. The cost of our service is dependent on the square footage of your carpet and the type of furniture you want us to clean.

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