Ten Questions To Ask A Cleaning Company

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We were working on a couple of projects pre COVID, and the changes that came about because of the virus were something we did not imagine. There was a brief moment when people were not open to meeting others in person because they thought that the virus would spread. However, a few months later, people were obsessed with keeping their homes and offices clean and sanitized. When it came to lobbies and public waiting rooms, they had to keep them as clean as possible. If the office worked with people, they had to make sure they were cleaning up and making sure it was sanitized between sessions which made the process easier.

We were finding ourselves very busy and were getting client calls regularly. Most of the clients we were working with needed us to keep cleaning up regularly, which was a real blessing in terms of the work that we were handling. However, many people had questions about the processes we followed, so we thought we would document the most common ones.

1. Are you locally owned?
Yes, we have been around for some time now and have a good relationship with most people we work with. Most of the clients we deal with come back and become quite familiar with us and the services we provide. Most of them even sign up for longer-term services.

2. Is your business insured?
It is challenging to run a business without insurance in this day and age. Additionally, the cost of making changes and fixing damages that might not have been anyone’s fault could be high, so it made sense for us to get a decent insurance plan when getting through the process. There are always accidents and challenges, and we want to make sure the people involved are properly looked after so we do.

3. Are you bonded?
We work with the entire team and have contracts that make sense to them. We also work on processes and benefits for the people who work with us long-term. We have similar processes when it comes to the clients we work with, and in fact, we have better options when it comes to their payments if they plan on working with us in the long run.

4. What is your performance guarantee?
Most of the clients we work with were quite happy with the work we have done. If there is something significantly underwhelming, we work on the same process again for the client to make sure they are satisfied with the work that we have done.

5. Is the owner present for the job?
With a lot of the work that we are doing taking place at the people’s houses, we cannot have the owner present at all the houses. We work with our clients and have separate teams to handle various calls together, and we cannot have the owners on every one of the jobs. However, they are usually present at the office and would be able to significantly assist whenever needed.

6. What method does your company use?
When it comes to cleaning, we have various approaches. We work with our clients to understand their requirements and create the best process for them. We also understand their requirements and offer them the best solutions, at the most cost-effective options, allowing them to pick what suits them the best.

7. Is it harmful to the materials being cleaned?
We use environmentally friendly products, so they are not harmful. However, we cannot use some products on particular surfaces, and we make sure we inform our clients about those before we begin the process. We also inform them about the processes we would be using to clean the place to make sure that they are on the same page and open to those changes.

8. Is it green-certified?
We are green certified and make sure that we follow all the rules and regulations when cleaning and working on projects with our clients. We inform them of the way that we would get everything cleaned.

9. How long have you been in business?
We worked in the same business for more than a decade and learned a couple of tricks and trade secrets along the way. To be exact, we worked on these processes for about 14 years and built some goodwill with our clients. When there are challenges that our clients have to get through, we step it up and get it done without ruining their carpets or furniture, and everyone is happy. Experience also allows us to get through processes faster, especially with the information we gathered over the years.

10. What are the methods of payment?
We create processes to work on payments and make sure they benefit the clients and protect our interests. Depending on the plan that we are working on, there are structures. In some cases, some clients sign up for a long plan service and are open to working with us over a year or multiple months, while others would prefer a one-time service, and we happily accommodate both options.

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