Appointment Information

Klean DryZ for Prompt & Organized Cleaning

Klean DryZ owner Jim Wood is proud of being very organized and on time for your cleaning appointment. Even if we are going to be 10 minutes late, we call to let you know we are on the way! You can also help us keep your job running smoothly in a few easy steps outlined here.

De-Clutter before Klean DryZ Arrives

All equipment is portable and can come right inside your home or place of business. For quick access, have stairways, doorways and areas used for cleaning equipment free of clutter before our arrival. Like any other business, time is money, and we want to concentrate on doing the best job for you. We use very heavy drop cloths to protect your flooring.

A Clear Driveway Helps the Klean DryZ Truck

The Klean DryZ work truck has a large foldout ramp on the side to allow for easy movement of equipment inside and out of our van. Please have your driveway clear of any vehicles – we need two parking spots. In winter your driveway and walkways should be cleared of snow and ice prior to our arrival. Putting down salt or sand only risks dirty tracks in your home and complicates the cleaning process.

Klean DryZ Works Safely

Once we establish your job’s details and price, please turn your home over to us for safety reasons. You and other family members – that included kids and pets – stay clear of the work areas with hoses and power cords on the floor. The Klean DryZ team’s priority is preventing injuries or mishaps.

You Move the Small Stuff – We Move the Furniture

Please ready the cleaning areas. Check under any furniture Klean DryZ will move for any stored or missing items you may have there. Then remove all of your personal and delicate items from the tables or shelves we need to move. This keeps them safe and makes our work go faster. Such smaller and breakable valuables include:

  • Lamps
  • Figurines & statues
  • Pictures & personal possessions

The Klean DryZ staff always does our best to help you clear the cleaning areas if you need it. After areas are cleared, we vacuum and move all furniture within reason – ask us about our size and weight limits. We guarantee a thorough cleanup as we leave your home or business.

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